ESG strategy

LACTEA S.A, like every business, is deeply intertwined with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns. Whilst we recognize the ESG challenges of working in many developing and emerging markets, we strive to build sustainable, equitable, healthy, and diverse communities through a combination of innovative digital transformation and information technology solutions, combined with strong environmental, social and governance performance. This commitment informs every aspect of our business, including how we design and build new projects, operate our portfolio, and collaborate with stakeholders.

Why ESG Matters
We believe that getting our ESG proposition right is not only the right thing to do, but it will also help us with higher value creation. With the challenges we face as a global community, such as global warming, pollution, inequality and poverty, we believe there has never been a more portant time for responsible businesses like ours to continue to ensure we are embedding ESG into our business approach.

In order to display its commitment the company has compiled a series of policies at 10/6/2023 which are centered around the following:

  1. Human Rights Policy
  2. Business Ethics & Conduct Policy English
  3. Sustainability policy
  4. Environmental policy
  5. Confidentiality & data protecting policy
  6. ESG Policy

For complaints or observations regarding:

- The health and safety of workers
- Environmental issues related to the company
- Ethical and Commercial Issues

please call on our headquarters or send email to:

  • HQ: Evzonoi (plot 1139) GR61200 - Kilkis
    +30 2343 051171
    +30 2343 051134
  • Branch: 2nd km. Alex/polis-Avanta rd. GR68100 - Alexandroupolis
    +30 2551 033770
    +30 2551 033771
  • Branch: 1st km Limenaria-Kalivia
    GR64002 - Thasos Island
    +30 2593 051694
    +30 2593 051694